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Now that I go outside every morning looking to see what's popping up in the flower beds, I was thinking about all the incredible flowers out there that no one seems to make in gum paste and/or fondant. If anyone decides to try out something new that you don't see on many cakes, please post a picture here and let us know how you made it.

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You know, we all learn differently, and depending on the video, stoping & starting the darn thing can be bloody annoying. Especially when you have tools in your hands, or they are gooey with icing, know what I mean.  I really like a tutorial with pictures & step by step instructions & explanations.  I bought 4 tutorials from Lorraine McKay: You pay her through paypal, and she emails the tutorial right to your inbox. Hers are step by step pictures with very, very, detailed instructions. I can look, and read & re-read as many times as I want.  I have two sugar flower/decorating books that do the same.  Mind you I do have saved Youtube tutorials, that I have watched over & over. Where there is a certain "technique" you need to learn, you do have to actually watch how it is done.   It is just more convienient for me to do the picture/instruction method.

i know what you mean june, sometimes i still have a problem with certain flowers, one for instance was the parrot tulip, i dont know why, just was brain dead when it came to tulips, so i went to michaels craft and purchased a both tulips, that is how i learned the flower.  I will often do that if iam not sure of my work,(when the flower is not in season) i just get the silk floral, that way i can also make a mold of it and the leaf. having the model of the flower in front of you is the best teacher of all.

He! He!......we think alike. I do this often. Buy the silk flower. One to look at, & one to "tear apart".   Since I have only just recently retired, I am finding time to practice making flowers. The winters are long, so it is nice to have a pastime, albeit a pricey one, you can do to make those mnths fly by.  By the way I did bookmark that other site.... duskyrose.... Looks interesting & informative.

Finally found that learning/tutorial site on CWB.  It is called:

You can ck it out Monica.


No problem Monica.  Jen is an excellent teacher!

monica murphy said:

i was looking at the Jennifer Dontz dvd's, i have the offset stacked cakes one, but not the flower dvds . thanks debbie.
Debbie Caryl said:

Jennifer Dontz sells DVD's and she has one that you learn to make lifelike roses and ivy.  The other is how to make a cymbidium orchid.  Both are fantastic!!  She has about 6 different DVD's that cover fondant, buttercream, and how to  put the flowers you have made into a topper for a wedding cake.  I highly recommend the DVD's.  She also sells the cutters and more.  Check it out!

june, i just checked out the website, looks very interesting, this will be exciting, lots of big names as instructors. cant wait! thanks much!

June Kowalczyk said:

Finally found that learning/tutorial site on CWB.  It is called:

You can ck it out Monica.


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