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I am about to try a ganache for the first time and was wondering if I have to use semi-sweet chocolate or can I use sweet chocolate?  I noticed the #1 ingredient in the sweet one is sugar will that be a problem?

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I have used semi sweet and it came out good..I even added a little sugar after It was melted... Good Luck.Oops I see you are asking if you can use other chocolate. I cant say yes to that one, but I have added sugar to the semi sweet. Good Luck

Hi Suzanne,

Check out this recipe on our Site located in the forum - Recipe by Theresa Happe:

Here is the link to the discussion, by the way, I use this recipe and it is extremely YUMMY!


thanks guys

I went ahead and did it anyways, that's exactly the recipe i used i'll post a pic just a quick cake for fun some cuppies too

I always make mine with a 70% or above cocoa content.  Let us know how it works... I love Dove chocolate... mmmm wonder what ganache with Dove would be like. 

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