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last summer I took part in an online cake contest held by the one and only Edna De La cruz. The contest was on the theme of Summer. And it was an awesome contest. Some very big personalities in the cake world were judging and in particular was Kerry Vincent who gave alot of great pointers and tips on how we can improve our game. One of her key suggestions was on Better Photo taking. Too often we spend a lot of time creating, baking and then decorating our masterpieces but then when we snap our photos our masterpieces tend to look like well as she said not good. So whats a gal or guy to do learn to take better photographs.

So in my research online I came across this blog with some really practical and doable advice that I hope we can all learn from:


Please have a look  -> HERE

I hope this article will help you and please if anyone has more links to share please feel free to add it to this discussion..

thanks and have a great Cake day!


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thanks for sharing!
Excellent information.
Very interesting!! Thanks for sharing that! : )
Hi Ladies...
well I have listenend and I think I have done pretty okay from the advice this lady gave on how to take better phtos...
I took some photos today of some halooween cookies I made for my son;s halloween school party and this was using my cell hone to take the pictures.
Have a look!

So she was right and now I can take much BETTER pictures of my finished cakes and cookies!


have a great week everyone:)

and another one:

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