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I don't know what in the world I am doing wrong I have tried soooo many recipes and something always goes wrong, sure I can get a good flavor, I can make a great buttercream or whipped cream icing and I can make a great chocolate, or carrot cake. BUT for the life of me I can not come up with the perfect white or yellow cake!

I have tried the Wiltons white cake recipe but I had to many ingredients in my KA mixer and it didn't mix the whites in very well, not even sure if I over whipped or under whipped them but the cake was dense, dry and flavorless!

I was all excited about my KA stand mixer and seriously it doesn't mix the sides in and I am not sure if again I am over or undermixing with the thing. I am wondering if its the model that I bought.

So there is a recipe on for scratch cake,. I use it as my go to recipe because it makes a decent cupcake and the flavor is nice. Its pretty much a one bowl mix and goes against all the "rules" no creaming the sugar and butter,no alternating milk and dry liquids etc etc.... I made it today hoping for some good results in a 9inch cake pan, while the cake has good flavor and seems moist enough its texture is alot more like corn bread with bigger air bubbles, its just not the texture I am looking for, I want it to be a little tighter but moist if that makes since.

I have heard so many good things about the WASC cake but I am not one to use box mixes because I don't have HFCS or hydrogenated oils in my foods, organic cake mixes have only the dry ingredients and they are totally different then a box so I dont think it will work.

MY daughters birthday is next month and I am hell bent on making the perfect Alice in Wonderland cake for her with a bunch of petit fours for all of kids. I am sooo stressed I feel like I will never be able to figure this out and get it right!

Any help anyone can give would be great, maybe I should just try and use my hand mixer.

I need a tried and true recipe.

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I have to add my two cents too! I have been baking for awhile and everytime I make a cake from scratch, although it tastes good, they tend to dry out quicker. I have made almost all my cakes with doctored cake mixes and people cannot stop complimenting me on them. I believe the key is the filling and frosting. Save time with cake mixes but take the extra effort for scratch frosting! Duncan Hines has perfected the cake mix and it stays moist for quite a while. I use fondant on all my cakes and extra time is needed on decorating. I love cake and the box mix always taste really good. It's cake! Not meant to be good for you...but an indulgence!
Amen sister!  But, I eat cake more than 4 or 5 times a year! lol

Dawn Becker said:

Thank you!!!!  I've been saying this for years and people still gawk at me.  IT"S CAKE!!!  It's not supposed to be healthy - you are not to eat it everyday (maybe 4-6 times a year)- you are not to eat more than one industry determined slice (1*2*4 or 2*2*2).  And if you are allergic to anything inside the cake - eat something else-  don't call around looking for a horrible disgusting allergy-free (or diabetic friendly) cake.  Accept that you can't have it at all and eat something else!  It's cake - it's actually supposed to be bad for you to be good.  IMNTBHO

Don't bother telling me how wrong I am - I won't listen.  Haven't in years, won't start now.  ;-p


Bake whichever (scratch vs mix) YOU make better - that's the way you should go.


Jen Howard said:

I too am debating scratch cakes versus boxed cake recipes.  I didn't want to use the box cake mixes because of the HFCS and the hydrogenated oils, etc.  BUT, I've come to the conclusion that it's CAKE.  It's not like people should really expect cake to be good for you.  Sure, you don't want it to be dangerous, but I personally have relaxed a little on the subject and am going to try Jeri C's cake recipes that start with boxed mixes.  Just my 2 cents, for what it's worth.

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