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How do I add a friend that's already on this site?  I've had people add me - so I know it can be done.  But I'll be darned if i can figure out how to do it.  When I click invite, it wants me to import my address book - not gonna happen.



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You can do it 2 ways.

1. If you are admiring their photo, there name should be their with their photo, or chef's hat.  Click on that and when you are their page, under that same photo/chef's hat it says..."Add as friend"

2. Go to members, type in their name....and follow same as above.  Hope that helps. Have a wicked migraine today, so I hipe this is clear.

Thank you - going to try it now.  Thanks!
It worked!!  It worked!!
Hooray!!  Hooray!!.....I'm not just a pretty face...Ha! Ha!!

Dawn Becker said:
It worked!!  It worked!!

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