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Hi everyone

I have always been against the idea of freezing cakes but lately I have been so busy that Id like to explore this option.

Do you freeze your cakes? Any tips or do's and don'ts for freezing? and are you guaranteed that the flavour and texture isnt affected by the freezing and thawing process?

Its a basic vanilla sponge cake that I will be freezing ;)

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I wrap and freeze my cakes while they are slightly still warm and when I thaw them they remain super moist.

Thanks Debra! Will give that a try, And how much time do you allow for them to thaw?

Hey, I'll take the cakes out a few hours or so from the freezer but leave them wrapped while they defrost. I really hope this works for you cause I came up on this tip somewhere online last year and I've had much success with it. Good luck

I freeze all my cake layers after they have cooled (unfrosted) also. I've done this for over 30 years. Works great. 

Just make sure they are wrapped well. I use plastic wrap then foil. 

I know a lot of people do freeze their cakes and have great luck with it but the only time I use the freezer is if I am carving a cake. 

Thanks so much everyone. This time I was lucky enough to bake and decorate one time. I will definitely give the freezing cakes a try though as I am so sure it will save me a lot of time :)

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