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How long can one freeze a decorated cake? I have never done it before and due to time constraints and being out of town when a cake is due..... I was pondering over the idea of freezing a decorated cake.... Has anyone done this before? Is it safe? Will the flavor of the cake be OK? I know that fondant sweats from freezer, to fridge, to counter..... but to freeze a week for more than a week...... Is it possible? Thank you in advance for any thoughts you may have......

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But to freeze a cake for more than a week*..... (that's what happens when I try to type with a little one on my :)

I've never done it but I remembered reading about it on another site that someone has done this more than once with great success.  I looked for and did find the information.  Here it is:  Hope it helps

Do you mean freeze a cake before decorating?  That is fine.  I made a banana cake about 1 wk ago because I had some overripe bananas and froze it.  I took it out of the freezer on Thursday night and decorated it yesterday.  It was actually the favorite at the party today.  It was very moist & tasty.  Just make sure it is well wrapped.

If the cake is decorated all white, it should be fine. I have done that before and it freezes beautifully and thawed out just as fresh as the day I decorated it...even fresher......but on the other hand, I froze a cake with different colors of icing on it and when it thawed out, all of the colors bled all over the cake. It was a mess! I have only done this twice. The white iced cake I did because the order was canceled and we have eaten enough cake that our family did not want any more cake to eat so I froze that one and we ate it later. The one that had colored icing on it was one I had made in my early years of decorating and it was for my nephew's birthday and I wanted it really fresh so I froze it the night before I took it to his party, and then when I took it out to thaw.....yucky mess.

If you do freeze it, the time it's in the freezer won't matter.  Personally, I would say it depends on how much decoration you have and what they are made of.  If it's just plain fondant, I reckon it should be OK.  I've done it and no mishaps.  However, as Linda says, different colours may be another matter.  All other icings other than fondant should be fine.  Perhaps, if you have accents to go onto it, they could be left off while you freeze it and then just add them on later when it defrosts. 

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