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This is a free class about Cake Pops. I saw it in Facebook.

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Yes, I always post free tutorials here and even other members. Thanks!!!

That's a neat trick on the coral Shirley!

Yes, I am signed on to Wilton, and also get all their stuff.  Saw the cakepop one.  Am loving it to, for the price! lol  I usually send it to all the gals on my email list, never thought to post them here.  But will from now on. 

I also saw the ice technique you spoke of on a video from Yummyarts, with Susan Carberry.  It really was a neat idea.  Thanks!

Another suggestion:

Join Craftsy, it's free to join.   The free videos so far are The Wilton Method Creative Cake Pops with Valerie Pradhan, Basic Fondant Techniques with Elisa Strauss, The Hand-Painted Cake with Erin Schaefgen, and Modern Buttercream with Joshua John Russell.  Well worth the few minutes it takes to join.  You can also buy video lessons if you want, but not a requirement.  And that is just the cake decorating ones, every art group offers them, like knitting, sewing, crocheting, etc..., for those that can multitask! lol

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