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Hi all, i've played around with my tips, and someone suggested wilton the uses of the most popular decorating tips, it's a good book, it does have some tip that arn't in the 56 kit, but i was able to find the one's i wanted, next month i'll get a few more. just thought you might like to know. it's $9.99 plus shipping, i got mine from a discount site for $2.95 and shipping so around 7 dollars

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Can you share the title of the book?
yes it's by wilton and the name is the Uses of the most popular decorating tips. i have to find the site i ordered it from something 0z i'm sure that will help a lot, and i just typed in the number of the one tip i really liked for the cupcakes much better that the 1m it's an atco tip 869 so pretty and clean lines, i also found some of wilton's specialty tip, they mentioned another book, i went through the book and was circling all the one's i wanted, then i had to narrow them down loli'll let you know what site i ordered the book and the tips hope this helps
ok i'm pretty sure i ordered from kitchen crafts, ateco tips, and wilton tips, the name of the book site is, the other book they mentioned was A reference and idea book. also by wilton
Is this the book you are talking about? I can see how it would be a handy reference book to have around. Wilton also has information on their website on what all the different tips do.
yes that's it, it has a lot of different borders and idea's in it, and it show's all the tips you'll like it

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