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Click Here To View Product Mad Dadder Round Cake Pan Set by Fat Daddio's [27830] Details

Mad Dadder Round Cake Pan Set by Fat Daddio's. This set includes 5 pans: 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 inches round. 5 Pan Set. Create fun, whimsical, topsy turvy style cakes with ease! Shallow side is 2-1/2 inches deep and deep side is 4 inches deep. • 16 gauge Hard 3003 Aluminum • Straight Sides • Small Bottom Radius • Hard Anodized for Durability • Rolled Rim for Strength

Paid 125.00 asking 100.00

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How come you're selling them?  I saw those on another site and was thinking they'd be pretty cool.  Did you use them and not like them, or...?
I did not use them at all. I'm really strapped for cash and started selling some of my supplies that I have not even used. Are you interested in them?
How much are you asking?
Well I paid 120.00 I'm asking for 100.00. They have never been used. Still in box.
Bridgette, please inbox me regarding other items you are interested in selling.  Thanks

Hi Bridgette,


I would be interested in this set. Can you please shoot me an email to discuss further?


Thank You,


Mia R.

Are you still selling? I would be very interested, where are you located?

Love your email Mia , If that is your business name too, it is awesome and catchy :)

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