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for how long can i keep a fondant covered cake in the fridge ?


Hi every one … I have a question ,, for how long can I keep a fondant covered cake in the fridge..  a client asked me to do a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and gnash fillings . when I called her to tell her its finished , she said  that she gave me the wrong date ,  its for next  week !!!!!!! oooohhh . she asked me if I can keep it in my fridge until  next week .

 can I do it ???????? or it might get bad ?  help  


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Thats tricky, It depends on what is in it. Cake and buttercream will hold for a week as well the chocolate ganache.  The temp of your fridge should be at 37-39 degrees and if possible covered. if your fridge is not dedicated solely to confections then you have another problem. If it is your home fridge the cake will act like a sponge and absorb all the smells and flavors of the food in the fridge. So the cake will hold up it will just taste funny and I strongly recommend against it. Hope this helps.

Maybe you can tell the woman that with the Holidays here that you no room in your fringe. So Maybe she can come and get it and put it in hers or find some else. That was her mistake . So she needs to come and get it.No one knows what going to happen in a week.

Thanks , the cake is coverd with solefane paper , and i have a fridge for cakes only . She asked me if i could keep it in my fridge and she know that's her mestake and, I'll get my money either way , i'm only worried about the fillings in the cake (chocolate mousse) stabaliesd wepped creem with mellted chocolaet and coffee .

Well i think in this case the customer should be ready to bear the damage, if it gets bad. Then refrigerate it till next week and see what happens; use it for practical.

Depending on the color combination you used, it might have a color stain.

Make sure the cellophane bag is not having any contact with the cake.

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