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Paul called me yesterday, our Challenge episode in the Food Network will air in

October 9. Don't miss it!

Edna :)

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Oct 9th , Sweet , Welll be watching what time is it going to be , were mountain time

It airs usually Sundays 8 pm eastern time.

Great B watching for it, you havent posted about it on your blog  yet ???


not yet, i need to do it, but I will wit till is close to the date
I'll be rooting for you Edna. Win that $10.000

I'm so happy for you and both my husband and I will be watching!  I'm even going to tape it too just in case we might not be available.  We are NOT going to miss this opportunity to see you who taught me how to make a fondant bow besides so many other things!!!!

Thank you for telling us.

Smilin' Sher

how did you get on the food network challenge??
Can't wait to see it.. I will be front and center with my pop
I can't wait! Can you tell us what the theme is? Or are you sworn to secrecy? :)
Congratulations Edna!  I hope it all went well!
Thanks everyone. I been asked for awhile to be a competitor, but I didn't wanted to be front person, i get shy. Paul was selected from a group of people and he asked me to be his assistant, so i said yes. The theme was Extreme Aliens..:)

that is great i will be watching love your work


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