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Hey girls Iv'e got a lot of fondant left over and was thinking of making some decorations with it so I have some on hand, eg: little butterflies etc.  I have got tylose powder but not really and cookie cutters etc.  Advise pls

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Hi Wendy.  Sorry, not really sure what it is you are asking, so don't know if this will be any help to you.

If you have just ordinary fondant, add tylose to it, to make it into gum paste.  You can then make whatever you want with it and will keep for ages.

I have a feeling there is more to your question than that though.........................?

No that's right how much tylose would I add to how much fondant, and are most decorations made with cookie cutters or what?

You can google how to make gumpaste from fondant and get the right amt of tylose to add. I think I add about 2 tblsp/15 ml  to a approx 1 lb/450 gms of fondant.  Lately I have been making my own gumpaste, but do use this method when I am in a pinch.  As far as cutters... my oh my Wendy there are hundreds of varities, from flower cutters, to make flowers,  to cutters that make butterflies, shapes, like circles.... on & on & on  Then there are moulds where you push your fondant/gumpaste into to make all kinds of shapes.... bows, birds, buttons, etc. 

Just ck out the internet.... there are tons of cutters. But best to stick to where you live to cut down on shiping costs. Or check out Ebay.      :o) 

Thanks a mil

Great - I understood you correctly then.  It's possible you have small amounts of fondant left over, so this may help -

If you don't have any proper decorating cutters, you can use cookie cutters and thin the ends, or frill them, depending on what you want to make with a ball tool if you have it, or a toothpick, something like that, if you don't have the proper tools.  You can vein with things like - a skewer, toothpick, dried leaves, material, the possibilities are endless.  You use your imagination and go for it!

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