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Has anyone heard of or tried Fondarific?  I was going to order the sample pack.  Any comments positive or negitive would be great.  I noticed last night on Ace of Cakes, Duff said it was easier to sculpt with.  It didn't dry out as fast as fondant does.  Just wondering.  Thanks=o)

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I have used Fondarific and Chocopan fondant and I really do like both products. Anytime I have used these products I have had no issues whatsoever.
Thanks! My order is in and I can't wait to try it out!
Fondarific and Chocopan are very similar. They both have a likeness to modeling chocolate. Chocopan uses "real" chocolate, where as Fondarific is made using chocolate compound.
Fondarific doesn't have much stretch. it does have a nice flavor though. We could have gotten it for free for the TLC Challenge because they were a sponsor but we tried the sample they sent and didn't have much luck with it...we would have had to add wilton fondant to it to give it enough stretch and there wasn't time to do that on set. It's a good product if you can learn to deal with that issue. it was great for elephantiasis like satin ice. It also made a great dress bow that kept it's shape right away. I made this cake with the samples that we got for the show...It turned out okay for not having much experience with the product.

I used it for my daughter's birthday cakes. I ordered buttercream (Ivory/white), strawberry (tinted pink), and tutti fruity (white). The flavor was great, but I too think it lacked in flexibility. I was using a vinyl mat too, and it would stick to it constantly, so that wasn't good. I don't use the mat much longer so I might try it again...
I've used it on some cookies and they definitely were yummy!
I think I would mix it with some FondX the next time I use it on a cake.

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