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I'm doing a tropical island cake. The customer wants palm trees on the top does anyone have any tips / tricks for making palm trees that will stand easily on the top of a cake?


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Be sure you make your palm frans out of gumpaste ahead of time and allow them to dry.. maybe on flower formers so they are not just straight.... For the trunk you could use rkt covered in dk chocolate fondant or modeling chocolate... or you could cover a pvc pipe in dk chocolate fondant if you don't care if it is all edible.
for the tree trunks you can use large pretzel rods found in most grocery stores.
Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to get the frans done today. The flower former is a great idea. I'll post pics when it's done
I have a couple of cakes with palm trees on them, I used 50/50 fondant-gumpaste and everything worked great. Good luck!

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