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Hope all is well.
I have a question - I'm not as experienced as most of you.
I've been asked to bake a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Covered with fondant.
I know cream cheese should be placed in the fridge and I've heard fondant doesn't do so well when placed inside the fridge.
Please help!

Thank you in advance!!

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Fondant in the fridge is a well debated subject.  It seems there are some environmental issues to consider.  After refridgerating your cake, you will need to allow it to come to room temp for several hours.  During that time it will sweat.  More so in higher humidity.  Don't touch the cake while it's sweating.  Eventually it will evaporate and you should be fine. 


That being said, I would caution you in regards to putting it in the fridge with 3D accents - bows, flowers and such.  You might want to test some before your finished product goes in the fridge.  My guess is that the humidity will cause the flowers, etc. to flatten.


Cream cheese is highly perishable and by the time the fondant has come to room temp and stopped sweating, it is well into the danger zone.

How are your BC smoothing skills?

You can always take the cake out (and place the fondant decos)  right before delivery.

Or just use your fave  crusting BC recipe and flavor with Lorann oils and not worry at all!

Don't know if there is a cream cheese flavor, but the cheesecake oil tastes very close to CC frosting.

You could even add it to the fondant, only takes a few drops for an intense flavor without any of the extract aftertaste!





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