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Fellow cakers, if you have seen the mat you'll understand this. I made my own and LOVE IT!! Best thing I ever did. I made 4 mats for $8.00. I went  and purchased the plastic runner that you put on your dinner tables. it is wider and comes in any length you buy (by the yard) it is approx $3.00 a yard. I mad mats of all sizes. i cut 2 of each size. I sandwich the fondant. keeps out air make picking it up a dream. No twisting and flipping just a  very light coat of crisco, and roll. Then I roll it up on my rolling pins when done to avoid creases. If it does crease just run hot water on it or warm with the hair dryer. Amazing and cheap!!

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Previously there was some controversy about the safety of vinyl in direct contact with food but these fears have been addressed and eliminated for the most part. If you are concerned you can read more about the subject at

I do agree that it is cheaper to make your own mats and I've made several of my own. However the Mat System offered by Caljava is specially treated to release with even horizontal pressure. They work extremely well and are very reasonably priced at $16.99. I would recommend owning at least one for covering larger fondant cakes.

I have the Ateco mats... a bit more expensive but I would never be without them (I have 2 because I cut a hole in the first one so I cut it in half and use them for smaller projects.)
I haven't tried the Ateco mats, but I love many of their other products, especially their stainless tips which are a necessity for string work.

jeri c said:
I have the Ateco mats... a bit more expensive but I would never be without them (I have 2 because I cut a hole in the first one so I cut it in half and use them for smaller projects.)

I read the link you provided. I didn't see where it eliminated the food safe questions that have arised. I really didn't even see it mentioned in it. Try this link instead. 

Besides the heavy metals (which have been a big issue for our seafood) found in vinyl, there are also Phthlates. This link explains the things that these chemicals can do to us, and provides links to the government programs and labs that verify the information. My vote is that the few dollars you saved is not worth the risk of all of these things that can happen. I would guess, also, that your customers, family, and friends for whom you make cakes would prefer that the "Cheap!" choice not be made on their behalf. Just my two cents. Sweet Wise does a pretty good job on their youtube channel that explains why theirs is food safe.

Thank you for the information. I would never knowingly put my customers at risk. As I stated in my post, I use the food safe Mat system made by Caljava. The link I posted should have been one that was sent ot me when I was investigating the safety of vinyl use in the cake business. The article included food safe vinyl manufacturers. I will double check my saved articles to make sure I am sharing the correct information. Again, thank you for the information, and thank you for the sweetwiseinc youtube link.
Rosemary - Ooh! I apologize for confusing you with the original poster. Sorry about that! :( 

Hello, new to here.

Are these risks at a high level of exposure? Meaning to much use, not one or two?


Where do you get these from, as I am stationed in South Korea and have to basically order or scratch make most everything for cakes. Gets way expensive fast!

HI. WHAT mats are you mentioning? I am looking for alternatives hygenic things to use for my caking here in S. KOREA. Everything is sooooo expensive so I have to order a lot, its also expensive if I can find it. a lot of things are impossible to find here. Regular cake pans, boards, boxes etc. thanks.

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