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You know... at my age you'd think I would learn a few lessons!  I was waiting for my steamer to warm up tonight so I could steam some flowers... it was not heating up as quickly as I wanted it to so you can guess where this is going!  I put my hand in front of the wand to see if any steam was coming out about that time a huge POOF of steam shot out and hit the backside of my hand.  I am now nursing a burn on the back of my hand and index finger... needless to say the blister on my finger keeps growing and growing.  


Not the brightest crayon in the box HUH?

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You're right! All we need is patience to deal with the situation. I'm sure you'll be fine very soon. Take care.

jeri c said:
Today it has the ugly brown looking mark you get from a burn but does not hurt and will heal! I had a quote I used to share with the Varsity softball team when I was coaching a couple years ago... we had it put on the back of our shirts one year... "Skin Grows Back" guess I can listen to my own advice! I miss coaching!
oh no! hope u get better soon! u should see how many burn marks i have on my arms just by taking pans out of the oven!
Much better today... can't see anything but the brown mark on the back of the finger... lesson learned!

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