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The Governor of Florida signed the Cottage Food Act on 6/21/2011.  This will become effective July 1st.  If you have any questions regarding the bill please contact the Dept of Agriculture after July 1st.


Enjoy your new found freedom to bake from your homes. 


Happy Baking Everyone!!!



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Wohoooooooo!!!! Thanks, Barbara for your hard work!
Barbara - do you know if there is a link that shows the wording of the law?  Thanks!

Yeah, where can we read more about it??


Here is the link, page down to Page 26, Line 726 and read from that point.


If the link above does not work for you I have also attached the bill to this discussion.



Wow, that wording makes my head hurt! LOL!  I wish there was a simplified version so we'd know what the base line requirements are - it's very convoluted and hard to discern.  And I'm a pretty smart cookie! :)  Plus it was just sort of thrown in the middle of a whole bunch of other stuff, huh?

Eileen, if you read the entire bill yes it is overwhelming, but if you just read the part of the Cottage Food Requirements it is very simple.  All you need to be concerned with is from Line 726 and down to the end of the Cottage Food law section.  Yes there are other laws incorporated into the bill but all you need to read is that one section of the law that pertains to the Cottage Food Law.  That is why I state to scroll down to page 26 line 726, I didn't want everyone to get overwhelmed like you did.



So basically you just have to label your products as they stated, take a food safety course, and be willing to open your doors to inspectors if someone complains?

Where did you read a food safety course is required?



Just reread it.  I guess it didn't say that.  I think I would though so that if the inspectors come in you at least have that backing you up. :)

No a Food Safety Course is not required for the Cottage Food Act, it is required for Food Establishments. 



$15,000 Gross Sales

Cannot SELL on the Internet, Mail Order and Wholesale.  This does not mean you cannot advertise on the internet.

Label your products, if the cake does not fit in a box, put the label in with the contract or receipt or on the bottom of the cake board.  Make sure you include the required statement on the label:  "Made in a Cottage Food Operation that is not Subject to Florida's food safety regulations"   As far as the label goes everyone can read the exact requirement in the bill that I posted.


If you have any further questions wait until after July 1st and direct them to the Dept of Agriculture.





Thanks, Barbara - I'd love to get a similar bill passed here in Wisconsin so wanted to make sure I understood completely.  I greatly appreciate all your work on this bill!!!

Eileen, I wasn't aware you do not live in Florida.  I believe someone is working on getting the Cottage Food Law in Wisconsin already.  You may want to check out  Keep in mind every state applies this law differently it all depends on the legislation how they want to write the law.  I did not have anything to do with writing our bill.  The Florida Cottage Food Act is pretty much like the Michigan one.  So if you are going to attempt to get this law going in Wisconsin, do your homework find out who is the strongest in your legislation.  We sent many many letters to our State Representatives, and not one representative sponsor the bill.  I sent a letter to our Speaker of the House and he is the one who made all this happen for us.  We also had a online petition which I included the link with every emailed letter I sent to all the state departments, state reps, and Speaker of the House.


Good Luck,


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