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Hi Everyone,
Ok I couldn't stand it anymore not seeing the bill move so I contacted Teddi Creamer, Policy Chief and asked her what was going on.  Teddi explained that the bill went to the senate and they removed everything the house introduced and the house returned it ("Returned Message") blank the same way as the senate sent it to them.  So bottom line this bill will be decided by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House.  They have to work out the budget first before they can complete the passing of the bill onto the governor.  Teddi told me that this must be completed within the next 13 days.  I asked her if it look good and if it will pass and she said it did look good and the Speaker of the House is trying his hardest to get the bill passed.
Teddi also mention that the Cottage Food was added along with the other professions because they didn't have a another bill to support it so they felt incorporating it with all the other professions versa by it's selfso it would pass without a problem.
So we have to wait another 13 days before we know what happens.  I strongly suggest we all email the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House to support this bill.  I'm not worried about the Speaker he already is doing everything he can.  When I emailed the President of the Senate he said he would keep my letter in mind when the bill comes up.  So please send your emails to the President of the Senate.
I had an idea once the bill passes we send a cupcake to the Senate and House as a Thank You, but, make sure you label it as required per the bill.  Wouldn't that be a blast we could send it on the same day so they would receive them on the same day.

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When writing to the President of the Senate make sure you include the bill number CS/HB 5007 so he knows what you are talking about.

Here is his email

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