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Hello Everyone,
I am please to tell you that the Florida House of Representatives have created the Florida Cottage Food Act as a bill.  This bill will be heard on Tuesday and then it goes to the next committee, than the senate and finally the Govenor.  I attached the actual bill for you to read.  The actual bill is on page 15 item 415.  I reviewed a copy of this bill last week but was not able to say anything.  Today Teddi Creamer called me to tell me the location of the bill and said it is now public.  You can follow the action being taken on this bill on the house of representatives website. Go to Committees than to Business and Consumer Affairs, on the right hand side go to proposed committe bills (PBC) there you will find the bill that I attached.  On this page is where you can watch as the bill progresses. 
We all need to email the State Senate to let them know how important it is that they pass this bill, once they pass it than it will go to the govenor. 
Thank you to everyone that has helped and supported me to get this action going.  I am so happy I emailed the Speaker of the House because he was the one to help us make this happen. 
Hang in there everyone, Florida will soon be the next state with The Cottage Food Act.



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Hello Barbara,

Now that the bill has been passed, I called the FDACS this morning to inquire on what this means. I was informed by a woman named Betty that the bill will ONLY allow people to sell baked goods out of their homes. They are not permitted to sell at Farmers Markets because sales from these places are considered "wholesale". We are not allowed to market or sell online, nor allowed to mail orders out, so the only recourse left is to sell to friends and family out of our homes. To set up a small booth at a Farmers Market, you still need a licensed commissary. With the lack of available commissaries, I am disappointed.

She also informed me that they will not have these discussions finalized until July 1st. Is there anything you can do to influence a decision to allow Farmers Market sales?

Thank you for all your hard work!

I just checked the website now and under action it states "signed". So really ---are we good to go???
Thank you---I now see the answer to my question above :)

Brittany, the Cottage Food Act is finalized, there is nothing I or anyone can do about changing how the law reads.  As the person you spoke to said, they have not finalized the discussions until July 1st.  So my suggestion is wait until after the 1st of July to contact the Dept of Agriculture give them a chance to be able to learn what is allowed and what isn't allowed.  If you read the bill CS/HB 7209 you will learn what is allowed and what isn't allowed.  This is a new law to the Dept of Agriculture and they need time to learn the new requirements.

Sorry for your disappointment, but, everyone should be grateful and not disappointed because at least you can have a home business.  I know everyone has been baking cakes under the radar but, now you don't have to worry about getting caught and paying huge fines.  You don't have the expense of licensing and inspections and all the overhead that comes with a retail business.  Just because you may not be able to sell in Farmers Markets, Internet or Wholesale, there is still plenty of opportunities to obtain business.

Weddings, Corporation, Realtors, Doctors etc can give a cake, cupcakes for a thank you gift, go to Salons and Day Spas, bring samples with your information.  If you think the only way to make a living is at a Farmers Market, you are limiting yourself.  There is plenty of opportunities for everyone.



This is awesome!
YAY!!! I am so happy!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! :)
I think I took a negative outlook on this when my plans were disrupted. You guys are right, I should just be grateful for this wonderful blessing and go back to the drawing board. Thank you!
Great News! I'm new here but have been following for the last few months. As we wait for more guidance from the state, does anyone know if we have to charge sales tax? That may be a question that has to wait for the guidance, but I thought I would ask as tax is mentioned in the bill, but I couldn't figure it out exactly.
Sales tax - If the cottage food guidelines end up mirroring the bakery guidelines, I don't believe that cottage food sales would be subject to sales tax.  They would likely fall under Florida Statute 212.08 (1)(b)(3), which exempts "bakery products sold by bakeries, pastry shops, or like establishments that do not have eating facilities."    Final rules & guidelines should clarify this.


Thank you Barbara


Let's Celebrate


Click on the attachment below some information for you to have.

This should answer a lot of your questions and next week I will be sending out the Final Draft of all the do's and don't of the Florida Cottage Food.

If you want to receive a copy email me at and I will add you to the list.  This information will be provided directly to me from the Food Safety department and I will pass it on to you so you won't have to call the department.


Question: if we are a cake decorating business then how do we go about 'packaging and labeling' our items?

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