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Hello Everyone,
I am please to tell you that the Florida House of Representatives have created the Florida Cottage Food Act as a bill.  This bill will be heard on Tuesday and then it goes to the next committee, than the senate and finally the Govenor.  I attached the actual bill for you to read.  The actual bill is on page 15 item 415.  I reviewed a copy of this bill last week but was not able to say anything.  Today Teddi Creamer called me to tell me the location of the bill and said it is now public.  You can follow the action being taken on this bill on the house of representatives website. Go to Committees than to Business and Consumer Affairs, on the right hand side go to proposed committe bills (PBC) there you will find the bill that I attached.  On this page is where you can watch as the bill progresses. 
We all need to email the State Senate to let them know how important it is that they pass this bill, once they pass it than it will go to the govenor. 
Thank you to everyone that has helped and supported me to get this action going.  I am so happy I emailed the Speaker of the House because he was the one to help us make this happen. 
Hang in there everyone, Florida will soon be the next state with The Cottage Food Act.



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Thanks again for your hard work with this legislation - I saw where the language was tacked on to the ag bill when it became clear that 5007 was not going to pass. 


I'm not in your mainstream group - I do some cake baking but mainly focus on cookies and candies - so our issues may not be the same. 


Do you have any concerns about the $15000 sales limit?  Just wondering how many bakers will be negatively affected by it - working throughout the spring/summer to build up their customer base and then end up having to turn down some or all holiday business because they have reached the sales limit for the year.


Thank you,


Hi Wanda,

I'm not concern about the $15,000 in sales, this is to help people get started in a business, if you make more than that then it is time to move up to a Commercial kitchen or Rent Retail Space.  When you move up to a Commercial Kitchen or Rent Retail than the Cottage Food requirements do not apply than you have to follow the Food Establishments requirements.


There are a lot of states with the $15,000 gross sales requirement and a lot of states have more restrictions at least we can bake or cook anything we want.  The bill didn't say anything that we cannot sell at Farmers Markets or Flea Markets.  The only restriction the bill has is we cannot sell on the Internet, Wholesale or Mail Order.  The bill is really fair and I am so grateful to the state that they put it in two bills.  They really did want this to happen for us.

Now we just have to wait to see what our Governor does.



Hi Barbara,

Am I understanding correctly that we are not allowed to sell on the internet? If so does that include advertising (facebook etc. )  or just sales? Thanks so much for everything you've done Barbara!!! You really have made a huge difference in many lives for the better!!! Thanks... Stef

Hi Stef,


You are correct you cannot sell baked goods, candy, pastries, or any type of food on the Internet, Mail Order or Wholesale under the Cottage Food Act .  You can advertise your goodies on the internet, newspaper, local advertising, etc. 

If you want to sell your goodies on the internet than you will have to follow the guidlines and requirements for Food Establishments. 


I am glad I could help so many people it really makes all the letters, emails, and phone calls I made well worth it.  I know some feel that the maximum gross sales of $15,000 doesn't seem like a lot but, there are a lot of states that have all the same requirements as we will have once the Governor signs the bill.  The state is giving us a chance to have a business without having all the overhead.  This also allows you to see if this is the direction you would like to go and to move up to  renting a commercial kitchen or retail shop.





I agree with you, if people are doing well enough to gross 15,000 then by all means they are definitely ready to move into a commercial kitchen/shop! What a wonderful problem that would be to have :c) So can I get licensed now so I can buy from food supply stores or does that fall under different laws? I'm a bit ignorant where politics are concerned I'm afraid. Thank God for people like you who are smart and determined enough to fight for what you want!!! God Bless You Barbara!!! You are a true icon in the baking world!!! ...Stef

Hi Steph,

Licensing and inspections are not required by the state.  You will need an occupational license which comes from the town you live in.  You can't do anything right now the governor has to sign the bill and than it won't become effective until July 1st.



Oh yes, I know it isn't official yet. Just trying to get my ducks in a row. Thanks so much!!! ...Stef

Barbara said:

Hi Steph,

Licensing and inspections are not required by the state.  You will need an occupational license which comes from the town you live in.  You can't do anything right now the governor has to sign the bill and than it won't become effective until July 1st.



Hello Barbara, I am new to this site I think it is wonderull that you keep us up to date with cottage food act Honesty I did not know of this bill till I took my food mang. license. i was so excited can you please tell me what is the next step as of may 18th 2011,just want to make sure i am on top of things. thank you!  

Hi Jennifer,

The next step is for the Governor to sign the bill and I believe he has until Friday May 20th, 2011.  Once he signs it into law it will be effective July 1st, 2011.  The Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services will be handling this law so if you have any further question contact the Dept of Agriculture after July 1st.





         Thanks so much for all of your hard work and for keeping us all updated on all of this.  How will we 

         know if the Governor has signed the bill?




I will post it.


So did he sign it on Friday?  I've been trying to find something about it on the governor's website.  


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