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Hello Everyone,
I am please to tell you that the Florida House of Representatives have created the Florida Cottage Food Act as a bill.  This bill will be heard on Tuesday and then it goes to the next committee, than the senate and finally the Govenor.  I attached the actual bill for you to read.  The actual bill is on page 15 item 415.  I reviewed a copy of this bill last week but was not able to say anything.  Today Teddi Creamer called me to tell me the location of the bill and said it is now public.  You can follow the action being taken on this bill on the house of representatives website. Go to Committees than to Business and Consumer Affairs, on the right hand side go to proposed committe bills (PBC) there you will find the bill that I attached.  On this page is where you can watch as the bill progresses. 
We all need to email the State Senate to let them know how important it is that they pass this bill, once they pass it than it will go to the govenor. 
Thank you to everyone that has helped and supported me to get this action going.  I am so happy I emailed the Speaker of the House because he was the one to help us make this happen. 
Hang in there everyone, Florida will soon be the next state with The Cottage Food Act.



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No he has not signed it yet.  He has to sign all the bills that they legislation worked on in order as they are presented to him.  I learned from Teddi Creamer, Policy Chief, last week the bill hasn't reached his desk yet and once it does than he has 15 days to sign.  You can watch the bill on this website  on the left side go to "Bills" and here you can see when it is presented and signed.



The bill number is CS/HB 7209, it has not been given to the Governor yet to sign.  You can watch it on on the left side of the page go to "Bills". 



Thank you for all your hard work, do we still need to email the State Senate?

No, we are waiting for the bill to be presented to the Governor for him to sign or veto the bill.  I called Tallahasee last week and they are supposed to get more bills yesterday.  You can see if the bill is presented on and click on "Bills"  the bill number is CS/HB 7209



The bill was presented to the Governor on Monday and it was posted on yesterday.  He has until June 28th to sign.


I'm new to the community here and just catching up on all this... What exactly does this mean for cake decorators?
Does anyone know the latest on the status of the Florida Cottage law passing? I am in Florida and eager for good news.

The bill has been presented to the Governor on June 13, he has until June 28th to sign or veto it.  You can go to click on "Bill Action" scroll down to CS/HB 7209 and see the results. 



The bill has been signed by the Governor on June 21st!  Congratulations to everyone!  I know I'm celebrating!!
So what is next? Based on the verbage it is now up to out local city/municapility to give us the final blessing?
Yes now it is up to each individual to obtain their own business license from the town you reside in.  You can contact your accountant or business attorney to tell you the proper steps to take. 

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