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Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. Ive got to do a birthday cake for my next door neighbour. And it got to be PURPLE !!! Fab colour !


I saw a video and thought id give " messy ruffles" a go.

Ive done a trial cake. I would love to hear your thoughts and If what ive done is ok ?



Thanks for any help and advice

Lis :-)

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Not bad Lisa. There is no right way or wrong way to "ruffle" a cake. It is a individual interpretation. I would just make the cake a bit more even. Looks a wee bit lopsided.  I have wilton tip #86, as you pipe, it ruffles automatically.      Ruffle Decorating Tips

Ruffle Decorating Tips

Posted a esay peasy ruffle video below.

How to Make a Pink Ruffle Cake


There is no message here Lisa to reply to?????   :o (

I use my largest rose tip and stiff frosting to get the raggedy edge. Really stiff, need to take a break stiff.

Sorry June, I don't what happened there ! Site said under construction and the box on the bottom left wasn't working. I used a petal tip to do the ruffles. Id been re decorating our lounge leading up to doing the trial cake so I was so tired I didn't put the top of the cake back on when I put the chocolate frosting and blackberry conserve in between. That's why it looks lopsided !! I think the buttercream a little stiffer would be better ?

I used my new flower mould to do the petunias.



Oh I see, that makes sense.  Yes a bit stiffer for icing, but not too stiff, or icing won't flow and give you that soft look. Just takes practice. I don't do bc often, so when I do, I always practice on a over turned steel bowl. Get my rythym. Once I feel comfortable.... pipe away. Just did a ruffle Easter cake. take a look.  :o)

You both did lovely ruffle cakes. I haven't done the stacked ruffle like June's cake, that looks like fun. Love both your flowers!

Thank s June. Ive some left over so I could do some practice with it save throwing it out ! Thank s Kym schoeff.



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