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Its my god daughters 1st Holy Communion and I want to make it special, I have a few ideas running around, but she doesn't like anything too sweet, so I m going to make one tier light sponge and the other a chocolate cake, instead of using fondant I was thinking of trying out layers of buttercream, I usually do the basic vanilla recipe for buttercream but have been meaning to try out the Italian Meringue buttercream, can anyone give me ideas for a buttercream that is nice and light and not too sweet?

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Yes.....flour frosting/icing. It's the poor mans IMBC/SMBC. A lot less sweet and so much easier to make.
Here's the recipes I use....if you follow instructions, it's wonderful. I do add 1 cup of icing sugar and a tablespoon of meringue powder because I found it piped better.

ok great, and do you just use this without fondant? 

Yes...I made many a cake, just frosted only with this. I also use this under my fondant and for inside filling too.

the recipe is american? what measurements did you use for the cups and heavy cream?

3 T flour  - is this tablespoon?
1/2 c 2% milk*- is this cup?
1/2 c heavy cream* - can i use fresh cream like double cream?
1 c granulated sugar - can i use caster sugar?
1 c unsalted butter, room temperature**
1 t vanilla
1/4 t salt
add-in flavors (see below)
3 T flour = 85 ml (is this tablespoon?) Yes its tablespoons
1/2 c 2% milk*: 120 ml - (is this cup?)Yes it's cup. I don't use cream, just milk. Usually I use almond milk. Or 1/2 & 1/2 2% & almond
1/2 c heavy cream*: 120 ml - can i use fresh cream like double cream? Never ever use cream.
1 c granulated sugar: 240 ml -can i use caster sugar? Yes. I've used organic, palm, and plain white. Sugar is sugar in this recipe.
1 c unsalted butter: 240 ml room temperature**
1 t : 15 ml vanilla
1/4 t: 2 ml salt
add-in flavors (see below)
I always add I cup/240 ml of icing sugar and 2 T/50 ml of meringue powder. Personal preference from making this icing many times. Find it easier to pipe, firmer.
Thanks but still confused by milk can I just use ordinary 120ml milk?
You can use just plain ole milk. All milk, not cream + milk. I cup/240 ml of just milk.
Can you take me thru how you done this with not using cream unsure how to make it. Following her steps?

You follow the exact same steps but instead of using 120 ml of cream & 120 ml of milk you use 240 ml of milk.  It makes no difference at all.  All the steps are clearly explained in the blog:

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