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I've worked with fondant before, but I really need to hone my skills. Tomorrow I'll be taking a fondant class and doing basic gumpaste flowers. Super excited!!!

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I'll bet you're excited!  I would be too - enjoy and be sure to post pics of your efforts x

Is this a Michael's class??
Stupid me the class is today. June, it's a class at Dierbergs a higher end grocery store. I took a cupcake class back in August and loved it.
I took my 1st fondant class from a local decorator. Was very good...lots of sound info, tips & instruction....and the best....not being rushed like 2 other Michael's classes I took.

The class is 3 hours, but they are not on a tight schedule. The instructor has her own specialty cake business and teaches a few classes a month. I really like her. I'm excited!! 

That's need time to learn....especially decorating techniques.....can't be rushed....
The class was so much fun! We learned ruffles, roses (I forgot to take a photo of mine, but they were pretty good), hydrangeas and I made a fondant covered cake with daisies.

Sounds like you had fun and learned a lot.

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