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what's the best filling for a red velvet chocolate cake?  We want to cover with buttercream and fondant but would like a 'delicious' filling between the layers.

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Hi Kathy, I useually use cream cheese frosting in the middle. Well kind of. I make the cream cheese frosting then add cool whip to it, to fluff it up a little.

Best of luck.


Hey Kathy,   most of our customers like red velvet cakes have either buttercream or white chocolate buttercream.

Good Luck!

thanks!  So something not too strong taste wise


Kathy, Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. The cake it self should carry all the flavor, at least in my opinion. That is why, I think most people like it.


that makes sense - seems to be the consensus of most people - thanks

I would go with a white chocolate buttercream.  Compliments the flavour of the cake, not too overpowering and the colour is right.

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