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hey guys, i'm gearing up to try the guiness cupcakes with ganache filling and was wondering how exactly to fill the cakes. 

i c some recipes that instruct u to "core" the cupcake n fill it, but i don't like seeing that open space on top. so i was wondering if i can fill it using my piping bag n if so..what tip to use and any pointers to make sure its successful


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Tip 230 is a Bismarck tip. It is commonly used to fill pastries so it should work for cuppies.
Hey Kim...

Go ahead with the piping bag...and the Tip Deah recommended...whatever open space that exist I'm sure will be covered with frosting of some kind right...?

When I was doing my baking courses at Utech...we used regular open tips (the larger ones) to fill the cuppies we made...I'm sure some ppl just used the piping bag...:)

Catch a couple episodes of cupcake wars on Food'll see how they do it...or you tube....

All the best..

thanks deah

well d pics i c they left the opening n decorated around it actually. so i think i would just stick the tip into the cake n squeeze a lil...
That's what I've done and it comes out great! I have since gotten the bismark tip but haven't used it - any large round tip will work though :). Those guinness cuppies sound yummy! Let me know how they come out - and if you don't mind - post it in the recipes! I know some of my husband's friends would enjoy those! :D

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