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I would like to do a Ferrari themed cake for my husbands birthday next weekend, but I'm not sure how to attempt to do the logo of the horse. I am not very artistic, in the sense that I can't draw or sculpt well, so I'm not sure how to make it.

Does anyone one have any ideas or tips on how I can go about making it?


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Take a copy of the logo,  according to the size of your mold and cut the horse.
Then, and cut the image, put in your extended black fondant with a rolling pin, you cut and you pass your fingers over the edges of the figure to give a smooth finish.
The mane of the horse you own.
You give a touch of white according to the image.
I hope to serve you my help.

I also want to know about Ferrari themed cake and please share image also that cake.

You could print the logo on an edible icing sheet although I am uncertain about the copyright priviledges of doing this.

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