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Hey fellow bakers!  I am working on the design of a wedding cake for me friend. It's going to be a beach cake with lawn chairs on top and small sections of picket fence dotted here and there.  I'm fairly sure I can figure out how to make the chairs....maybe but I have no clue how to do the fence.  Any thoughts/advice on the fences and/or the chairs would be greatly appreciated. Happy baking!!!

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I'm with Tessa on this one.  Unless your fence is going to be straight up against the cake, then you could cut out of fondant (make a template with parchment paper first if you find that easier) and stick straight on.  But if you want it free-standing  then it would have to be really hard gumpaste, modelling paste - or better still, use pastillage which will dry really hard, but will be quite brittle, so be careful with it.  You will be able to find a template on the web - here's one from Cake Central -

Thanks bunches, ladies. I think I'll use the template for the fence using gumpaste if I can't find pre-made wood ones at Michael's.

I did a quick search for picket fence molds.  hope this helps the first one is a pricey one but the mold looks great but it isn't made with silicon. anyway hope this helps you out.

Celebrate with Fondant! Book (Picket Fence and Trowel Patterns used) this is a wilton book

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