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This is a white and black zebra print shoe with matching sunglasses.  Perfect for any fashion trendy lady.  I made the shoe in a mold by painting in the black zebra lines first and then poured it with white and added the black insole.  The glasses were done in a similar fashion.  I have a mold for both of these and they would certainly add to a special lady's day.


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Linda, This is not the correct way of entering the contest.  There is also only 1 entry and picture allowed per person.  Please decide which one you wish to enter and follow the directions.  Otherwise, we can't consider any of your photos.  The directions are as follows and can also be found in Theresa Happe's post.   the way you enter into the competition is to upload your photo per the rules in Terri's post .  Give it a title and full description.  Then in the section where you have uploaded your photo, at the bottom of the screen you will see a box that says Tags.  In this box please enter fashion15.  We will pick up your entry from there and there will then be a featured section with all the entries in.

OK - I'll go  back in and change the entry.  I can use the chocolate shoe, correct?

The shoe I made is white and black chocolate.  Made in a mold.  The black was painted first and then I poured the white in the shoe mold and unmolded.  The inside of the white is just a little rough and I do agree it could have been smoother.  I also hand crafted a fondant beaded embellishment for the front of the shoe.

Linda, sorry but this is still not correct.  We cannot pull the entry from the discussion.  You need to upload the photo like you normally do for your other cake photos to your page, add the title, description, and tag.

Linda - enter your cake the same way as you did for the Mothers Day contest in May 2014.  You'll need to be quick though, or you'll miss tonight's deadline.

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