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Hi everyone. I have been asked to make the cupcakes for a baby shower. It will be a very fancy event, the baby will be a boy. I have no idea of the theme for the baby's room. Does anyone have any ideas for these cupcakes?
They requested fancy not just blue frosting. I appreciate any ideas you have.
Thank you

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It's hard to say when you don't know the baby theme. Good old stand byes. pirate, butterflies. Have you looked at  the cupcakes on here and check out Mandy Donaldson's page she had some cute ones, moon & stars & bear + more. 

Maybe safety pins, bottles, rattles, teddy bears. They can be yellow, green and blue
Thank you Betty& Larveil, Great starting points. I will check out Mandy's page. Another question is would you use fondant to cover the tops and place decorations on that or stick with buttercream frosting with decorations placed on the frosting.
I plan on adding at no charge a small fondant cake that will match the cupcakes. Cake in center surrounded by the cupcakes, hoping maybe someone at party will see I do fondant cakes and maybe get some extra orders. Good idea or bad idea??
Thanks for the help- Lori

Lori, I think it is a great idea. Just make sure you don't put yourself out doing it. I would contact the person who asked you to make the cupcakes and find out the theme of the party, so you can match or at least coordinate with the theme. Since you were told no blue icing, I would do white icing and colorful fondant characters on top, then since you're throwing in the fondant cake, make the cake the focal point with color. This is just my opinion, but i think covering each cupcake with fondant would be more time consuming than to stick fondant characters in buttercream. 

Thank you all for all the great ideas. I now feel confidant to make some beautiful cupcakes. Will start with practice batch this week and work on fondant decorations. Still need more practice in that area, the pictures here are great. Will start with the easier ones and work my way up to more complicated ones.
Thanks so much for your help and links to the pictures.

Lori - if they don't want just blue frosting, how about making various shades of blue and arranging them in an ombre style around your fondant cake.  You could make different fondant accents for each colour .

Also if they want fancy - you could either pipe each colour in different styles (rose, frill, leaf etc) if you use buttercream, or if you go for fondant, then pattern your fondant differently for each colour (quilt, ruffled etc).

I also think your central fondant cake is a great idea - just don't spend too long on it and end up at a loss.

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