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I was hoping that I could put the word out that I am looking for an externship to graduate this March.  I am currently partaking in the Baking and Pasterie program and need to complete a 6 week externship at a scratch bakery.  I am currently pulling an A- average and have 12 years experience with cake decorating.  I live in NH and was hoping that there was anyone looking for help.  I am a SAHM and can work mothers hours and any hours on the weekends but I HAVE TO work 30 hours per week.  I am not looking to be paid even though I can be, I am just looking to gather more experience and complete my program.  In the end if there is a spot to keep me on board, then I would be more than willing to accept.  Thank you all for taking the time to read this.  Any and all halp is more than greatful.

Thanks again,


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