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Hi all,

I have a client who is looking for an exotic animal themed cupcakes...any thoughts on what I can put on the cupcake? It is for a 9yr old birthday girl.  And they will be on MINI size cupcakes...i know not much room to work on!!

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome as i'm drawing a blank.  No farm animals.


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You could always print out the animals on edible icing sheets. That would allow you a variety and take into consideration what area you have to work with.

Maybe this is obvious - but what about animal print fondant circles?  And I've seen animal print standard cupcake papers - but don't know if they make them in mini's also?

You could also ice the cupcakes in the base colors of animal print (white for zebra, gold for cheetah, yellow for giraffe, etc) and then make the "print" from fondant. 

Good luck!

What about getting icing sheets with pics of lions & tigers & bears...oh my ( couldn't resist ) zebra's too.

I have a lady in Oakville Meera who does a sheet for around $10. She does a great job. If you would like her email, message me, and I will pass it on to you.

Hi! Meera. I love making cupcake toppers out of fondant. in fact I had made some couple weeks ago. You can model them out of fondant.

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