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Thank you!

Please go to the original link to see the links to watch!  I also made individual comments to the YouTube videos that are posted and I liked them!


Original Posting here:


My comment:

FABULOUS!!!!!  Thank you!!!!  I love how you are doing things during your interview and your change of personality, Julia!  Your audience if terrific!  You are so honest!  I love YOU and YOU for YOU!!!!  Secret weapon great answer!  Love the slight sounds of camera man (Hubby) and your family LOL!  You make me laugh!!!!  Very green.  You really do get along with people and the role you take are YOU and appreciated!!!  Great interview with friends!  LOL so much!  Love your most stressful explanation.  Nice idea for your winnings!  Wish I lived closer to you!  I would love to be close to you because you are contagious!  Nice videos and love the ending!

Thanks for sharing!  It was completely worth doing and tons of fun for me!  They won't regret having you on their show.  YOU will be a very tough competitor!  Please keep us posted.

Big Hugs


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Oh my gosh!  Now we are such a lucky group of cakers, PEOPLE who all have the same hobby and fun including some who get to make a living with baking and decorating cakes for all types of occasions.


Congratulations to Eileen and Angela!

Eileen has her YouTube videos up now - please see the original posting.

Angela is in the works to get hers up and running.  Angela, please be certain to tell us too.


I feel I'm the lucky one because of our loving group have been involved with the shows about caking!

The first I remember is: Jay and now we have Edna!

Next I hope will be the two of you, Eileen and Angela!

Anyone else get the invite yet?  Don't be shy, please tell us!

Wouldn't it be the best if all of the contenders were from Our CWB SITE? 


So much fun and excitement for our site!

Sincerely & Smilin'


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