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Here is a pic of the 'edible fabric' that I just made with wafer paper, using the recipe by 'Verity's Creative Cakes' below!  Go watch her on youtube!!!

This is terrific!  Flexible fabric that you make yourself, AND it is cheap & EASY!! 
And it is a FREE recipe by Verity's Creative Cakes!  Bless her little heart!  Go to this site to watch her in action.  I have written out the recipe that I made as I watched the video, if you want it, just print it.  Send it to whomever...! 
by Verity's creative cakes
2 Tbsp. Gelatine
2 Tbsp. Glycerine
4 Tbsp. Water
   Clear flavoring
   Sweetener is optional
   Edible pearl luster dust is optional
   Color of choice, optional
1. Put 4 T. water in a pint jar or microwave safe bowl, add 2 T. gelatine, and stir quickly to thoroughly mix.  Let sit for 15 minutes.
2. Heat in microwave in 10 second intervals, stirring well after each, to soften & liquify, do not boil, but you do want it hot.
3. Let sit a few minutes for foam to rise to top, remove foam with spoon, should be fairly clear.
4. Add 2 Tbsp. glycerine & stir well.  Add any desired sweetener & clear flavoring now.
5. Keep it warm, back in microwave as needed.
6. Using a nonstick silicone mat, place a sheet of wafer paper, plain, colored, or printed, on top. 
7. Bring mix back up to temp as needed.  The hotter it is, the runnier it is, which is what you need.  DO NOT BOIL it.
8. Using a brush, paint it on as quickly as possible to prevent drag marks, them flip it over and repeat.  Start at one end, and brush it down against your work surface as fast as possible, working from one end to the other, to prevent air bubbles from getting underneath.  Keep reloading brush & applying to get a good coat on, but do not leave drag marks on it.
9. Let sit for about 10 minutes to fully dry.   Check for dryness/tachyness by touching the mix that is just off the edge of the paper, not the paper itself.
10. Score around the edge of the paper with your thin pointed spatula, so you will pick up a neat sheet without little pieces hanging off of it.  Now apply the cornstarch using a soft puffy clean, for this purpose only, makeup brush.  Brush it on thick, and spread it around evenly.  Will finish any drying, and remove any tackiness. 
11. Carefully pull it up, flip it over, and apply another coat of the cornstarch.
12. Let it sit about an hour before you start pulling & stretching it.  Have fun!

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