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ok, so I don't know why i didn't come here for help before, but when i saw the contest I figured it's a good place to ask.  

Planning my son's wedding cake and my future daughter in law wants sheet music on her cake.  My plan is to do an edible image on fondant as draping, using this lovely scrapbook paper as the image...she's incorporating that paper into her table number display.  That being said, edible imagery is not something I want to invest a lot of money in because this is probably the only time I'm going to use it.  But, of course, because it's my sons wedding cake, I want to to look phenomenal.  

Does anyone know of a place online that they've used before that does an exceptional job of reproducing an image on edible product.  Scooting down to the local walmart is going to give me a bad quality image...I know...I've tried them before.  Thanks so much for your help.

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We can help you with that if you would like, just send me an email at and we will do what ever we can to help make your son's wedding cake special


I wonder how that turned out.  Wish she had posted pics.


I used Icing images twice. 1st time I use my local grocery store bakery. Came out great with exception that the lettering wasn't black enougn. Rice paper was fairly thick. It cost $10 for one sheet.  2nd time was on my 60's cake. Rice paper was very thin, and as in the posts on CC, tore very easily. I applied mine the day before the party, after several hours they "dried" on the cake. I would get 2 sheets of  your music in case of error. I am thinking once you have applied the image to the fondant with shortening, let the image dry and adhere for a few minutes before you drape, you should be Ok. I know if you try and fold the fondant right away, the image will tear. Don't know enough to know if there are different thickness of rice paper.

There is a big difference between rice paper and icing sheets. Icing sheets also come in varying thickness. We at PhotoFrost have out standard weight and our thick sheets.  The standard weight sheets are most commonly used when applying to buttercream or a topping with a high moisture content.  The thicker sheets work well when applying to dark chocolates or when you want to manipulate the sheet and have  little moisture (such as draping) The icing sheets need enough moisture to merge with the baked good.  As stated above if there is not enough moisture the sheets will dry and possibly crack.  Applying the image to fondant can be done a few ways using a glaze mixture of powdered sugar and water, misting the fondant with water and applying, edible glue such as tylose.  We have videos show application to fondant on YouTube - just search "PhotoFrost01" on YouTube and you will find all of our videos

Ah Connie

Good, a expert answering the question. I thought there would be different thickness for different applications.

I was hoping someone with your knowledge would come to the rescue and give advice. :o)

I totally love you guys!! thank you sooooooooooo much.  It won't be the same if we leave it off...the sheet music is their song.

does this require be buying a printer??

No Tania

The sheet music will be printed  right on the icing sheet. You peel the backing off the icing sheet and apply to the fondant.  You can see how to videos on this process on YouTube.  :o)

Were here to help, so please feel free to contact us anytime  Have a great day

Tania Laing said:

I totally love you guys!! thank you sooooooooooo much.  It won't be the same if we leave it off...the sheet music is their song.

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