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Carrot cake is an easy recipe. I love to prepare this. I prepared it without egg. I never tried it with egg. I don’t know whether it is possible with egg. Let’s start with recipe. First you have to grate the carrot. ¾ cup of grated carrot is enough. Heat the cooker with 2 cups of salt over that place a wire stand and a perforated plate. Cover and preheat it. Take a bowl add one cup of flour pinch of backing soda, baking powder ,salt, ¾  cup of sugar ,cashew ,spice powder  and mix it well. In another bowl combine yogurt and oil .whisk it well. Mix all the prepared batters together. Mix it well. Then grease the cake tin. Pour the mixture in to cake tin. And place it in cooker. Keep the flame in low .bake it for twenty minutes. Check the cake after 20 minutes by pocking. If it is ready then take the cake out of the cooker let it cool. Serve with the dusting powder.I know  i didn't explained well.This is an easy recipe so i gave a rough idea.

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Thank you so much for sharing this amazing recipe! I am excited about trying this myself.

Manuel |click here

I love carrot cakes. But never tried without eggs. With eggs, carrot cake becomes very delicious. Love to try without eggs.

I had never tried the carrot cake. But it looks delicious. Looking forward to making this soon.

I just can't believe I found this site. I really like it

I want to try the carrot cake. Thanks for sharing this recipe

It's so good to have this recipe knowing there are so many people now who can't eat eggs. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe with us

Thank you ! I have tried it yesterday - tastes great

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