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I don't do much with cake mix but I have used it on occasion & was checking out DH for a recipe that calls for cake mix and I see they have down sized the contents AGAIN and what goes in it.
If you use it be sure you check the instructions on the back of the box. It was 16.5 oz (1 lb 5 oz) 468g)
now it's 15.25 oz (432g) This was the Butter Golden yellow cake mix.

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I don't use them a great deal but do take advantage when the market has them on sale for a $1.00.  Great emergency desserts at an unbeatable price.  I probably would not have noticed the change, Betty.  Thanks for pointing it out.

Can't get DH over here unless you buy online from an importer.  Costs something just over £5 for one box!  Nope.

Betty, I'm the same as Sandra. Buy on sale and on hand for emergencies. I almost always bake from scratch.

But when I do use a box mix, it is DH.  Never noticed the change, might explain why my cakes are not as tall as they once were... lol

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