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i have been asked to make a drum set,the base drum i can turn an 8" on it's side at the front,but i don't know what to elevate the ( 4" cakes) for the smaller drums onto,i did think small cake pillars at a push ,but i would rather have  a better idea ,has anyone got any ???xx

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I followed an few images of cake drum sets to base my sons 13th birthday cake off of. Instead of standing up the bass drum, it was an 8 in round and then I cut a 4 in round in half and stood those up on their sides to be a snare and a tom. I used gumpaste to make cymbols. I will upload the cake to my profile so you can check it out.

hi jennie

 thats an idea to think about ,i looked at some idea's on the net ,but have'nt seen one to go with thankx jennie xx

hi jennie

just seen your photo ,it looks fantastic thankx

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