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First, let me say this is EXACTLY why I have a clause for this in my contract.  "Once your cake is in perfect presentation position, it will be photographed.  Should some disaster befall after we have left the premises, we will make every effort to make any necessary repairs.  I do not accept any responsibility for losses beyond our control.   This includes but is not limited to:  inclement, extremely hot or humid weather, faulty tables, and other accidental destruction.  If damages (caused by others) or repair times are significant, there may be additional fees for repairs.

After delivering a Christening cake today, I received a call from the panicked client.  She had left the cake alone with her 3 dogs for just a few minutes & they had licked some of the frosting.  She has 3 BOXERS.  It didn't sound terrible.  I explained that my husband had just left that I would jump in the car, bring my son (11 months)  & repair the cake while she watched him.  

OH NO.  She was on the way to the christening & could she drop it off!  Did I mention I have an 11 month old?!  Umm ok.  I'm still thinking minor repair from a bit of licking.  As you can see from the photo, it was a rather extensive repair.  I had to re-cut fondant etc.!  Could have been worse.  With 3 boxers I'm surprised it survived at all!

It all worked out, & she was very appreciative.  I am feeling like a ROCKSTAR!  I repaired it in 32 minutes with an 11 month old.  Thank you to Joe Scruggs & his "Deep in the Jungle Review!"  My precious child was glued for a whole 10 minutes!  The rest of the time I bribed him with fondant & a swiffer.  That boy loves to clean the floor!

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You ARE a rockstar! Nice fix in such a short period of time AND with an 11 month in tow!


Oh my

You did an amazing job with the repair!!  Kudos.....especially with a 11 month old.

  I had something similar years ago. Only it was MY fault. Was finishing up a birthday cake for the boy next door, he is now 22, and I realized I had to pick up son at the hockey arena. I was so engrosed in decorating, I had forgot the time. Didn't think about my dog, a golden, just threw on my coat & out the door. Well when I got home sweet doggie had jumped up, pulled the cake down & ate half.  I let out a primal ((((scream))))))....and had start from all over. Had baked a scratch cake, but ran to a 24 hr grocery store for a mix. I was up to the wee hours finishing.

I certainly learned my lesson the hard way.

Wow!  You did do a great job!  I had the same thing happen except there was no fixing the cake, it was 75% gone!  And just think how many people this lady will tell "This amazing lady even fixed my cake after my dogs licked it!"  Word will travel fast how awsome you are :)

Shuswapcakes, I hope you are right.  I'm thinking she may not tell anyone about the incident part.  I'm sure she will sing praises, but not so sure she will admit to serving a cake her dogs licked!  

We also have a 60 # boxer/bulldog mix.  I'm always very careful to not leave a cake where she can get it.  I learned my lesson with cookie dough!  It was too close to the edge & she just couldn't resist.  Nowadays, I worry more about the toddler!  He has learned to open the fridge, & he loves cake!  

June, Oh my!  I can just imagine that scream!!  Thank goodness you had time to re-do it.

Thank you, Diane.  I sure felt like one.


Pets are our sweethearts, but they can be sneaky little things. We just lost our golden this past July, & I miss her something awful. I just retired, and so we were spending a lot of time together. But when I read threads like this, it does bring up funny memories!!!  I always knew if Scooby-Doo had snuck food....oh that look of classic.  When I was doing cakes, I would have to chase her out of the kitchen, as she would "hang around" to see if I dropped cake, icing, fondant????   But she would always seem to shimmy her way back in, inch by inch :o)

wow you are a ROCKSTAR!!!!  32min with an 11month old? I bow to your awesomeness!!!  Way to handle things like a pro and thanks for sharing. I will now amend my contract to include a clause like yours! Thanks again and happy caking!!

Laney - I've never had my dog steal cake, but my son sure did when he was a toddler!  I remember when he was about 2 1/2, I had made a cake for a friend's birthday and put it in my inside refrigerator (I also have a second fridge in the garage where I keep most of my cakes) because I was hosting the party.  I had used chocolate letters to spell out happy birthday and her age.  I'm cleaning my house, getting ready for the party, when I hear my little guy singing "I eat the letters, I eat the numbers, yummy letters".  I didn't think much of it until it dawns on me - I rush to the fridge to find he's eaten most of the letters, the numbers and about 4 flowers.  AAARGH!! Luckily I had time to remold them and fix the cake, and I laugh about it now - but watch out for your little one!! :)

Oh June!  Our Bella is just like that.  She is stealth!  She is sooo quite just hoping I drop something.

Kelly, thank you for the compliment...both types!  I also have an amendment that allows me to veto any precarious tables, stands, toppers, etc.  I have been amazed at the things people think I can put a cake on or on a cake!

Eileen, OH MY!  Bwahahahaha!  Luckily, I can now laugh about it, but Jacob has already gotten to some cake.  I came around the corner & that mini fridge was wide open.  He was sitting in the floor happily shoveling cake into his mouth.  Somehow he'd opened the fridge, unwrapped the cake layers, & was having a ball.  I swear my back was only turned for 2 minutes.  Thank goodness it was only some extra layers!

Oh the stories we can share!  

Wow you did a great repair!!!! I had my chihuahua get  ahold of my powdered sugar that I keep in cheese cloth for my decorations. He is Cocoa brown and very small. When I came back in the room and saw him his nose all white and him just standing there in the middle of it all just looking at me. I couldnt yell at him. All I could do is think as to where is my camera!!!! I did get the shot and when I find I will post it...He was all of 4 lbs then..

Personally, I am always surprise when I hear people allow pets in the kitchen.

QT, the cake wasn't in her kitchen.  It was on a table in her living room.  It was about waste high, but the dogs were big enough to reach it!

Yeah, I got that. I'm just surprise about the other stories on here with dogs in the kitchen. This was posted in the business forum and I know that for kitchen inspections in mine and most states pets are a no no. I'm surprised, that's all.

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