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I do not have a tutorial, but the pictures will show the progress of constructing the piece "Don't e A Paleface".

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I started by modeling the face.  Modeling is relatively new for me and I find the face to be the hardest.  If the face doesn't work, the piece is not happening!

Painting the face is next.  Petal dusts and lemon juice work best on modeling chocolate  The face was allowed to dry for a couple of days prior to painting.  A small skewer was inserted into the neck to allow for attachment to the body later.


For standing figures, I like to use a wire armature for stability.  The armatures are made from 17 gauge or, although it is difficult to handle, 14 gauge wire.

Aluminum foil is used to flesh out the armature in the thicker places.

I started by wrapping the wire and foil with floral tape, but discovered that electrical tape works better in the areas where foil is applied.

Modeling chocolate is a bit tricky to use because it becomes greasy and too soft if over worked.  The key is to back away for a few minutes and let it cool off.

I forgot to show the completion of the head, adding the hair.

I prefer to start with the torso.

Then add the head and arms....

...and the legs....

Two leg...

The swim suit and hair ribbons are made from gum paste.

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