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Different icing tips and what they are used for/can do

Hello my cake friends.


Does anyone have a chart or picture of the range of different icing nozzels and what each tip does/is used for? I am new to cake decorating and have a set of tips/nozzels but would really like a diagram chart thing showing how each ones works. And i cant find one on google.

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I do. Wilton actually made a booklet that is devoted to that topic. I refer to it often. I think you'll like it. You may find it in a craft store or you can buy it on this site link.

Problem is I am in south africa

Does Wilton not ship worldwide? I didn't know that. What about

Vicky Hall said:

Problem is I am in south africa

Vicky - I have some booklets, but they are quite old and I think different manufacturers have different numbers for the same nozzle.  If you would like to message me with your email address, I will happily scan what I have and email it over to you.  You may be able to get some information from them at least.

Great idea Katy. My scanner is broken. =(

Thanks that would be great!

I'll try to do it tomorrow Vicky.  On a cake deadline at the mo, so if not tomorrow, definitely day after.

Vicky Hall said:

Thanks that would be great!

Deah, this looks ideal, thank you for sharing.  Vicky is this what you were after?  It's way more comprehensive than what I have.

The site that deah sent you is great. I copied each page then cut them down to 5x5 cards and sealed them in plastic. Made a small book with them. Good luck.

Great idea Patricia.

Wow that's exactly what I have been looking for! Thanks a mil!

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