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I have never done this before!!!!!! The cake will be covered in fondant. My question is, do i finish decorating the cake and deliver in one piece or.......Do I cover each layer deliver it not stacked and finish it at the wedding? Thank you.

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Bonnie - there are lots of discussions on here about this very topic. It would really depend on how complicated the cake is, how many tiers, how far you have to drive it, etc.  Take a browse through the forums and then, if you can't find the answer you're looking for, let us know and maybe someone can answer your specific questions. :)


Personally, I usually do the bulk of decorating here and then only add large items (delicate flowers, etc.) once at the reception location.  I've never stacked anything over 3 tiers though and then I doweled the middle and made sure I had good supports in it.

This is a 3 tier cake with delicate flowers.
I've delivered three tiers stacked without mishap.  To prevent a mishap I put a wooden dowel through all three tiers, and when I'm ready to transport, I put one of those foam drawer liners on the car's floor.  This eliminates the cake from sliding from one side to another.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.  P.S.  I would add the delicate flowers at the reception hall.

Thank you i never thought about using the liners b/c i have had cakes slide. Thanks again!


I use the rubber drawer liners too!! SWEAR by them. :)
Those cake liners are a gift from heaven for those like us!  I always have a roll or two in my stash.  They wash well, also.

Yes, they are heaven sent.  What's also great, is that you can find them at the dollar store.  Not a great investment, but something you should not do without.  It's a life saver (better said - a cake saver!!) lol


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