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Hi All!


I'm looking for a really good red velvet recipe. I want it to be from scratch, not a doctored box mix. I've tried 2 recipes so far, and I can't seem to get success with either of them! I'd love to get a recipe that you've tried, and is delicious and moist. TIA!



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I love this recipe!!! I posted pics of it on my blog!!!

The only thing is that it is runny but it rises evenly and is very moist :) I also use baking strips around my pans when I bake this! Hope this helps! Good Luck and Happy baking!



Of all the ones that I've tried this is the one that I prefer as well as my clients.


I will check out the one that Tanisha posted when I go home...all blogspots have been blocked at my office....ridiculous!


Thanks ladies! I'll hopefully get to try them out soon and let you know how it goes!

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