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Hey guys!
I need some brain storming.  I ran dry a few days ago :)
I'm making a deer head for a grad cake next week and am stumped on what to make the antlers out of.  It will serve around 25 so it's not a huge cake. I'm attaching the photo they sent me for what they want. I'm also doing it pretty cheap so I'm not going to invest in hardware and supplies as if it were a groom's cake.  I don't think it even has to be edible. Any ideas? Other than grabbing a few sticks from outdoors. LOL
Thanks in advance!!

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I did a google and read that it is wire covered with fondant. I assume it needs to be a heavy gauge wire and inserted into something more sturdy than cake. I can only imagine the weight on those antlers and being inserted at that angle I would think the cake would tear.

What do you think of straws and RKTs? Should be lighter weight.

Either way, this is a lot of work for a cheap cake. Take a look at this one - may give you another idea
Thanks Deah - I don't think I could get away with the cartoon one. I think I'm going to try using tin foil and then cover with fondant. The weight is definitely an issue but worse case scenario is the antlers lay partially on the cake board.
I do not think the foil will hold up. I am afraid it will just bend and you will not be able to get your fondant to adhere to it. How about using a heavier gage wire and get your shape then wrap them in the RKT. If you put the Rice Krispies into a blender and pulse it till they break down before you add them to the marshmellows they come out much smoother and are easier to work with. They are not terribly heavy. I think as long as it is laying down like the photo is and not standing up you should be able to attach them to your board on top of the head. Or... use wire and modeling chocolate.'s Mr. Deer :) I ended up using a heavier gauge wire and wrapping additional pipe cleaners to build up a little volume then covered with MM Fondant and dried it on the top rack of my dehydrator (sans lid of course). Then I used vodka/color paste to lightly give the antlers a more aged look. They actually laid on the board with only about an inch of wire sticking into the cake - so I didn't have to worry as much about the weight. Thanks for all your help guys!

Great Job!!!! He's cute!
Angela, it turned out great. Love your painting
Thanks guys!

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