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Hello everyone!

So, I met with the owner of a smallish banquet hall last week. I did a  dummy for her and she LOVED it. She needs me to work on her fondant cake orders most immediately, but she needs to figure out how to best sell them to the brides and we need to also figure out both her pricing and how I should be payed for my part... hourly? per cake? My job to start will be covering the tiers w/fondant, stacking the tiers, making gumpaste flowers and/or other decorations as needed and decorating the stacked cake. I may be utilized for smoothing buttercream cakes too as she doesn't. I would probably do the gumpaste work at home but all the rest will be on site. We discussed the options of me becoming the official baker & decorator (do all the cakes and bring back her cookie biz) and/or me renting kitchen space so I can officially start my company (no cottage laws in CT...grrr).

Currently, she does all the cakes herself (as well as running the whole business). She bakes them and ices them in either buttercream or whipped cream and places fresh or silk flowers on them. The cakes are included in the 3 package options and start as low as $2/person (avg. $3/person). She knows she undercharges and wants to adjust the pricing and she is open to pricing them separately (still included in the packages but line-itemed). Our thought is to add a set amount per person to account for the more intricate designs and/or custom designs by me. Cakes at cakeries/bakeries in our area start at $6/person and go up from there. Her fear is that we scare brides away altogether if we go too high. But if we don't charge enough, I can't be part of the equation. 

Any thoughts or advice on how to handle this would be so appreciated! Thanks!!!

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Why don't create a portfolio with three different packages of cakes.   Three different styles, from simple design, $3.00 p/p, more elaborate $4.00 p/p and intricake design, $5.00 and up depending on the design.


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