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Hi everyone!  I was wondering if anyone could give me some guidance on making a damask cake.  I definitely would not know how to pipe it so I was thinking of buying a stencil and using royal icing.  Any ideas?  Would this be very time consuming?  I would appreciate your comments as soon as possible as I need to respond to a customer but want to make sure I can do before I say "yest" since this would be my first time.  Thanks.

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Thanks for the input. Have you seen her DVD where she modifies the paper cricut to a cake cricut? The only thing is she does have two so she only modified one of them which means she only uses it for gumpaste.
That is my delima... I do not want to use mine for both and I really do not want to spend the $$$ for another one! I love the monograms cut out on the cricut. Was thinking I could cut a stencil for the monogram then cut my own monogram out I don't know if I'd be able to make a clean enough cut to satisfy myself or not!

Hi Jeri,

I just bought the same set of stencils!!! Did you do the damask cake using these? If so, can you share with me the picture of the final cake?  Thanks a lot!! :)

jeri c said:

Funny this just came up.... I met with a bride's mother last night... for the 3rd time. I have done several designs for them... and we just did not click until last night... I knew she was looking at the damask design so I ordered the stencils.... in blind faith that they would be "the ones" I actually stayed up late one night while we were in Maui and placed my order! And I got an email from her yesterday with a picture of a cake they loved... and IT HAD THE SAME STENCIL SET USED ON IT!!! Could not believe my luck! Here is the link to the stencil set that I bought...

I also ordered Linda McClures DVD... Creative Designs Damask Wedding Cakes. It does use the Cricut and it does have a DVD of Designs you can use for your cakes. I am going to see about cutting my own stencils to use on my cricut. Don't know if it will work but sure going to see... Will let you know. Everything came today and I plan to watch the DVD's tonight if I have time there are 3 DVD's in the case and they were only $39.99 here is the link to them

I've ordered the Damask stencils. I used regular icing to place it on the stencils. Just be careful when you peel it off, and dont be heavy handed applying the icing. It works well for me. If you have someone to help you, that would be even better. They can hold on to it while you apply. Or use Pins. Hope that helps.

Hi Ruby, thats great.  When you say regular icing - you mean just buttercream icing? What consistency should it be? 

It should be spreadable, not too stiff. It works! try it on a cake for the family or something.

I ran across this tutorial just yesterday. Funny how this happens.. I loaned my stencil to a friend and sent her this tutorial

Thanks everyone! I did a practice run of the damask design yesterday and it is quite simple! Using the tutorial above from Rima it was very easy to do with the buttercream!!

Thanks a lot :) I hope I can pull this off on the real cake now!!

Did you post a pic?

No pictures yet as I was just practicing!  I hope to have something in June :)

hi, in response to the Damask cake question, I am making one for a baby shower. I purchased a mold from marvelous molds. Cannot wait to use it..much easier than trying to pipe a damask pattern. Go to Marvelous and you can watch a demo on this mold. They are made to pi, so should be easy..

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