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My cake business is running great and I'm getting a lot of orders. Customers are asking for credit card payment for big orders. I was reluctant but, It looks like I may lose customers if I don't have it. I need to buy a card payment device.  What should I look for when I buy? I want a secure and reliable device. My friend advised me to buy a wireless terminal, so it will be easy to carry the device. I searched and found one . The product looks good and promises good performance and security. I am not tech savvy, so please share your suggestions on this. 


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Sorry, I have no idea James as I'm not a professional.  But my immediate thought would be can't your bank offer you some advice on this? Or maybe the credit card company that you use for your own card?  Alternatively, what about using Paypal?  That way your client can use their credit card, but you are not responsible for the accepting of the payment, paypal are.

Like Katy, I'm a hobby baker too. My cake club leader used the device you posted here. Got rid of it as it was too pricey and had trouble with it working. She now has 'Square" reader. It snaps onto your tablet and you can swipe your credit card. She has an IPad. But it can be used with an android tablet too. You would have to check the Square site to see what the compatibility is. Square was free, but of course, there's a fee. You pay 2.65% per swipe. So if payment is $100.00, you receive $97.35 directly into your bank account.
Katy had a good suggestion about Pay Pal. Their international, and no worries about customer having to come to your home/business to pay. They go onto PayPal, make the payment, Pay Pal sends the money to your bank account. If the fee is not too expensive, and is competitive to Square reader, I'd definitely check out the Pay Pal option.
Hope this helps.
Look into Square Cash. You can send people a link to pay and there is an app. If you use it as a business there is a 2.75% fee. It works really well. We don't use a card reader, just the app or take cash/check.

You can try PayPal its a most used payment mode, trusted too, Charges are less too!

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