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I am planning on making this cake the end of the month. My question is. Is it better to use Rice Krispie Treats for the legs and not 100 percent fondant? Does anyone think the RKT would absorb moisture from the fondant and break down? The tutorial calls for only fondant. I am thinking that without time to dry they will become misshapen. RKT would guarantee they keep there shape. All feedback it welcome :)

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I would most assuredly use RKT's for the legs and the baby's butt, too, unless it is cake.  Everything I make with any bulk to it is made with RKT's covered in fondant, modeling chocolate or a combination of the two.  I made Maria's life size birthday cat over a year ago and it hasn't changed one bit.  If you look on my page, the sea turtle, bass fish and cat (maybe more, but that's what I can think of right now) are all made from RCT's.  I would also use some sort of strong support in the legs, like dowels anchored into the cake board.

It will be adorable!  Can't wait to see your take! 

Thank you for feedback :) I most definitely will check out your cake art :) Thanks again. Laura

As the legs are not actually taking any weight, you could use all fondant, but rkt will work just as well, like Sandra says.

Definitely use RCT's Laura. I've made several figures as Sandra's way too. They lasted months until I threw them out. As Katy said...use good wooden dowel supports in the legs.

thank you :)

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